Michael Beadle

poet • author • writer-in-residence


Poetry Performances

Since 1998, I have been performing poetry professionally for schools, festivals, church and civic programs, and private parties. I memorize and perform original, contemporary and classical poetry using dramatic presentation, improv, and audience participation. Shows run for 45 minutes to an hour. From raps about basketball to the timeless verses of Shakespeare and children's poems, my poetry performances are appealing to audiences of all ages.

COST: $400

NEEDS: cordless, clip-on mic

(preferred) with amps + 10'-20' staging area

Workshops and Residencies

I teach workshops and residences for students in grades 3-12 and all ages of adults. I've taught as a community college instructor, a high school English teacher, and a staff development presenter for teachers, so I'm comfortable in various settings as I share what I've learned as a professional writer, author and editor. I enjoy working with students and teachers who have a variety of needs and concerns when it comes to writing. My goal is to empower writers, foster life-long literacy skills, and offer fun and exciting new ways to approach the writing process from brainstorming and rough drafts to editing and publishing.

Sample Workshops

Kaboom Poetry Learn techniques

for performing poems by using gestures, audience participation and stylish presentation. (grades K-5)

Purple Pizza from Pluto — When it comes to writing, do you have a hard time just getting started? Do you need fresh ideas to jumpstart your imagination? Enjoy fun, creative pre-writing activities involving word lists, acronyms, idioms, etymologies and more! (grades 3-5)

I Am Poetry— Celebrate who you are, where you've been, and where you're going by creating biographic poems that combine strong imagery, metaphor and repetition. (grades 5-12)

Parody Poetry — Learn to take a familiar song or poem and substitute new words and phrases while keeping the original rhythm. Make your own original, humorous poems and song lyrics. (grades 3-12)

Rhymes Around the World — Did you know there are many different ways to rhyme? And yes, there ARE words that rhyme with orange and purple. Discover the world of rhyming and learn how to write rhyming poems such as the Italian quatrain, the French triolet, the Spanish quintilla, and Burmese climbing rhymes. (grades 3-8)

Poems and Biomes — (one week residency) Animals, plants and all living organisms have adapted to specific habitats. We call these places ecosystems or biomes. Studying biomes helps us understand the amazing biodiversity on the planet and the challenges these species face to survive. Learn fascinating facts about biomes and write poems that celebrate the complexities of life on earth. (language arts and science integration, grades 3-6)

Tree Wise — Discover the history, lore and science of trees. Learn to identify various tree species by their leaves, bark and fruit. Write poems, journal and use scientific study to bring nature into your classroom. (language arts and science integration, grades 3-5)

PhotoPoetry: (3-day residency) We live in an image-driven world. How does this affect us? How do we find meaning in these images? How can images remind us of memories and lure us into dreams? Examine photographs and artwork and learn how you can write flash fiction and prose poems that become critical and personal reactions to the images we encounter.

(grades 6-12).

Conversations with Poetry — Learn how to appreciate the craft and techniques of poetry by reading and analyzing contemporary poems by poets from around the world. Use critical thinking skills to speculate on the world within poems and the creative mind that kindles them.

(grades 6-12)

The Art of Advertising (3-day residency) — Learn about the history of advertising, propaganda, and persuasive techniques used to draw people to a message or product. Create your own advertisement or propaganda campaign and develop an original message or product you can market using strategies such as word magic, bandwagon, and card-stacking. (grades 6-8)

COST: $250 — 90-minute master class or workshop

              $1,000 — 3-day residency

              $1,100 — 5-day residency with 3 classes per day

              $1,300 — 5-day residency with 4 classes per day

              $1,500 — 5-day residency with 5 classes per day

             ** on-site pre-residency meeting required with participating teacher(s)

             (maximum of 30 students per class)

For more information, email me at 

[email protected]